Blood Taint

Blood Points
A tainted creature (most often a Grey Warden) can be imbued with power by using Blood Magic to unlock the latent power in the Taint. Each ability unlocked has a cost in Blood Points (BP) and each character can, at most, have their level in BP abilities active at once. Characters can reassign or distribute unused BP at any time following the ritual rules below.

1 BP

  • Learn a single Spell
  • Gain 1 AR
  • Gain 6 MP
  • Gain 6 HP
  • Gain a Novice or Journeyman Enchantment

2 BP

  • Gain a Talent level
  • Gain a Focus
  • Gain +1 Def
  • Reduce the SP cost of a Stunt by 1
  • Gain +1 to any Attribute
  • Gain a Master or Grandmaster Enchantment

3 BP

  • Gain a Specialization Talent
  • Gain a Monster Trait
  • Generate an additional stunt point when stunting
  • Gain a Masterpiece or Paragon Enchantment

Magic (Blood Magic) – 1 hour per roll – TN 13+(Highest BP Item) – ST 6+(Total BP assigned)

Can be done once per level
Requires an amount of Lyrium equal to the number of points you’re reshuffling

Stefan, a 13th level Mage Grey Warden, has discovered the secrets to unlocking the taint in his blood. He sits down to perform a ritual to draw forth the power form the Taint within. He has 12 points to play with. He decides to grant himself two additional stunt points when he successfully gains a stunt (6 BP / 3 each), 3 additional spells (3 BP / 1 each), and a +2 to his Magic (4 pts / 2 each) for a total of 13 points (which is the maximum he can have.

He requires 13 droughts of Lyrium for the Ritual then gets started. Since his highest modification is a 3 BP ability (generating additional stunt points), the difficulty is 16 with a success threshold of 19 (since he’s allocating 13 points).

Blood Taint

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