Into the Darkness

Musings of a Mage #4

We arrived at the little dock town that our Grey Warden “friends” requested we meet them at. I was rather less than surprised they weren’t there; but we did run into Master Tyrian, and that was a pleasant surprise. Master Tyrian, apparently, was told by the Grey Wardens to meet us her. Now I’m actually somewhat curious what has detained them. Regardless, their absence is a boon and gives me the chance to explore a few interesting prospects in this town.

Master Tyrian informed us of rumors about the town of a crazy man wondering the docks claiming that hidden artifacts were uncovered by the receading water of the blight. There is also a local bandit group attacking the town and its residents; and I do have a rather itchy impulse to remove those bandits of their belongings—after all what’s theirs is mine. Not to mention that will help our image with the Grey Wardens as do-gooders. Something, unfortunately, I need to be concerned with after the little incident at RedCliffe.

Pierce and I ventured to the docks and spoke with the “crazy” man and indeed found out he is crazy. The mad little scientist has some contraption to take us into the water, deep into the water, and let us explore the caverns below the town in search of some artifact he believes to be there. He wants only the claim to fame for the discovery and said he would allow us the spoils. For some Maker known reason Pierce seemed truly interested. I, on the other hand, strongly enjoy breathing and without a spell or rune of some kind to protect myself have absolutely no desire to embark on such a fool’s journey.

We also encountered a few of Pierce’s friends. Mercenaries from her previous escapades. A human, lumbering and serious, who goes by Sawyer; and a pretty little elf called Lincoln. Upon seeing their old friend they invited us all to drink in the tavern. Pierce, Master Tyrian and I accepted, but Ailen simply stated he’d stay with the wagon and watch our belongings and the horse. Lincoln flirted shamelessly with me and I certainly hope it worked on Ailen’s nerves.

The tavern was…small, dirty and like the rest of the town—smelled of fish. The drink was equally as terrible and I settled on indulging in my own wine versus risk whatever disease one might catch from using the tavern’s mugs. The mercenary boys discussed their recent adventures…something or other about a missing member and maybe wanting to join us, I wasn’t really listening…Lincoln was a very pretty distraction. He seemed to think the same of me and was very bold, and lude, in his bravado of telling me. He appears to lack the intelligence to understand the finesse needed to woo a person of my caliber. I felt slightly guilty for leaving Ailen as our servant and brought him dinner, but he seemed uninterested in socializing so I returned to the tavern. Master Tyrian drank as much as I’ve seen any Dwarf and was soundly drunk midway through the night. He even proposed I retire to his room with him—and if it weren’t for more…interesting…prospects elsewhere I might have. I’ve heard wonderful things about the stamina of Dwarves; but I can’t image even a Dwarf could compete with a were-creature.

The RedCliffe Farse
  • tell Redcliffe Knight Captain the Art was slain by the beasts in the castle
  • the fire damage on his body was obtained in the pitch of battle and he was already dead at that point, in fact we barely made it out with our lives
  • the Arl’s daughter is an abomination and murdered most of the townfolk
  • had the knight captain write a letter about what happened so it can be delivered to Denerim
Musings of a Mage #3

The little village of Redcliffe was rather easy to retake…their dead had been carted off by Darkspawn and tainted, turned into little more than Darkspawn themselves. They attacked the town with gusto as we had Aiden as “bait” at the town center. The somewhat mindless vermin flocked to him, swarmed, and with one well place fireball I obliterated 8 of the attacking 11. The remaining 3 were rather easy to take down as well and our victory was sound…not even a scratch save for brave Reaver who, honestly, fought better than all 6 of the town’s guardsmen. Really, how this town survived even one night is beyond me.

Once the battle was over we decided to rest before trying to take Redcliffe Castle, if you can indeed call it a castle. Pierce was rather disappointed it seemed in the lack of effort needed to thwart the Darkspawn and sulked off. I suppose she simply isn’t used to things coming easy to her…something she’ll have to get accustomed to now that I’m traveling with her. Aiden and I retired to the Guard Captain’s house. He obviously needed sleep, and a bath. I only required a quick nap so I allowed Aiden to have the bed, however, after realizing I may as well get more rest Cavall and I joined Aiden. I put Cavall between us so Aiden wouldn’t have an aneurysm when he woke to me in the bed. And it appears Aiden has quite the issues of his own; he is less than fond of fire and woke several times with nightmares. Perhaps he was in a burning building once? My humming seemed to lull him back to sleep at least in the moment and we were able to get some sleep.

Pierce, Aiden and I ventured to the Castle after we woke. The little passage way the Guard Captain showed us was indeed quite narrow and Aiden barely fit…I rather enjoyed the sight. Perhaps this little side trip wasn’t entirely worthless. Once inside the Castle we learned more of the townsfolk were killed and stored within locked rooms. During our siege of the Castle we were slightly outnumbered as a Revenant rose to attack. Aiden looked to me, apologized, and transformed into a large sleek black werewolf. Well, isn’t this little country full of surprises. I had always read that Werecreatures, once transformed, could never turn back. Aiden fought gracefully, but seemed territorial even after the Revenant was dead as he turned to snarl at me. Perhaps I’m simply used to men thinking they can intimidate me, perhaps I’m rather sick of it…I reached up and closed his maw like I’ve done to Cavall. I commanded him to back down and he reverted back into a human. Apparently blood magic can affect the pull of the beast through it’s blood. How very convenient…and possibly entertaining.

The Arl and his daughter were sitting in the throne room, waiting for us. At first it appeared that the daughter was an abomination and I had choice words for the Arl about letting about one hundred of his townfolk perish while he protected his daughter. He was quickly angered and launched an attack. I attempted a final time to bring him round and suggested a solution that would even result in his daughters salvation, but he was too enraged to see reason. We struck him down…no thanks to Aiden’s help as he was reluctant to attack a noble…even in self defense. The thought of this backwater pathetic man being an Arl…the thought that Aiden would place that simple status so highly even though he’s a wilder. Perhaps I should tell Aiden I’m the daughter of the Archon if that’s the only stock in people he holds. Regardless of his lack of help Pierce and I dispatched the Arl easily enough and Aiden raced after the Abomination girl. We found Aiden looking into the sky where she had escaped…and it occurred to me. This girl wasn’t an abomination, rather, she was similar to Pierce and me…she made an arrangement with a spirit and was reaping the power thereof. Knowing this realization was too late to assist I decided truth was perhaps a better solution in this instance and explained to the others. We agreed to lie about the Arl’s death and blame the beasts in the Castle. On our way out I also noticed that Aiden had magical residue…perhaps some kind of lingering mind control…

Musings of a Mage #2

It appears that regardless of the Country I reside in…the Fade, and even darkness itself, follows me. Am I suspicious enough to believe that perhaps the Chantry was correct…that all Tevenes are cursed for their blaspheme against the Maker.

This Qunari that assisted Pierce and me with our escape from Lothering simply led us further into danger. A spirit or dragon who claimed to be an Old God sent us on a quest to join with powerful spirits of the Fade in hopes of escalating our power to fight against the coming Blight. Pierce and I were successful, perhaps too successful and seemed to anger the Old God with our hubris. We woke up, without the voices of the spirits we conquered and in the company of Grey Wardens. These Wardens claimed to be able to tell that we were also Wardens…tainted, and asked about our joining ritual. Pierce and I were vague, not wanting to divulge the truth behind the likely cause of our “taint”, one does not simply tell a Grey Warden they were chosen by an Old God to host a spirit in ones body. But these Grey Wardens seemed to think we were slightly addled by the joining ritual and asked if we had hallucinations…they even mentioned some of their comrades had thought themselves visited by gods during their own joining ceremony. Perhaps it is hubris, but I do not believe these were hallucinations. I believe we angered the Old God and must now prove our worth to use the power he granted us.

The Wardens, two ill mannered men, are taking the Master Tyrian to get aid as he was infected with the taint during our “escape from Lothering”. In reality it appears that Master Tyrian was not successful with his trial from the Old God. Perhaps these Wardens can prove useful if they are able to help Master Tyrian. In return they stated we would be traveling to Redcliffe Village to warn the townsmen of the impending threat of the Blight.

On the road to Redcliffe we encountered a small band of blighted wolves chasing a rather underdressed man. Pierce and I assisted dispatching the wolves with ease; after which the man assisted in cleaning our Mabari of the blight wolves blood. He seemed reluctant to travel with women, but was quick to accept our aid once he learned we were “Grey Wardens”. It seems this little title we’ve conned our way into having is going to prove useful. The Circle and even the Templars themselves will have no claim on me; and even the locals appear to respond to us with more reverence. The man, Ailen, could prove to be useful. Not only was he a capable combatant, but could prove to be a rather pleasant distraction. I’m fairly certain he’s hiding a few rather closely guarded secrets, but highly doubt they’re as interesting as he believes they are. The things these Fereldens think of as “dark and terrible” are the Tevene version of a garden walk. Honestly, how has this little country even lasted the last few centuries.

Upon our arrival in Redcliffe it was clear the small little village was already aware of the Darkspawns presence and were in fact under siege. Pierce agreed to help them, pulling myself and Ailen into their pathetic little crisis.

Musings of a Mage #1

This country is much more savage than I could have imagined. The whole of it seems to smell of dirt and livestock. The people seem uneducated, unrefined and uninteresting. And their regard for mages…they are terrified and more oppressive than I could have thought; but there is no bridge for me back to Tevinter. There is no reunion I can hope for. The reality of the permanence of my situation has perhaps made my taste for this country that much more bitter.

At a competition during this tiny backwater festival (I was forced to endure to regain a small portion of the funds that were stolen from me) I was surprised at the level of suspicion automatically given to mages. Templars swarmed the area like locust to a field … and the mages … they let them, even complied with the Templars. I have never seen such a display of cowardice. Even my father’s slaves showed more backbone than these “mages” who toe the line the Templars have drawn. I am not strong enough to oppose them by myself and as such have allied myself with individuals capable of providing some small sense of support. However meager that support may be.

To complicate the situation further the town was overrun by Darkspawn in the night. My newly found group escaping the carnage thanks in part to …. Qunari. I doubt even Lyrium will wash that bitter taste from my mouth.

A Letter
from Pierce to Masarian

Father, I hope this letter finds you well.

I’m back in Ferelden…I promise I was making my way to Denerim to see you, but I’ve taken a slight detour to Lothering for the New Beginnings Festival. I came hoping to find some work, or at the very least, people who I can bear to work with. I think I may have found the latter.

My new companions are both very odd and, I’m almost certain, inexperienced when it comes to adventuring. However, they are powerful in their own right, so traveling with them should prove interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

I think that the three of us will be able to stand on equal footing at least, which will be an improvement over my last working arrangement. After almost a decade at the mercy of that man’s whim, as much as I owe and respect him, I’m relieved to not be taking orders from anyone.

I will come to see you as soon as I am able, but please don’t fret if I’m delayed more than you think reasonable. It has been so long already since I left that surely a few more weeks, or months, will be nothing in comparison. (When your anger and frustration with me threatens to overwhelm you just remember that you have my love, as so few people do.)

Say hello to Gwynn for me.



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