Background City Elf

Class Rogue lvl 2

Communication 3 / Deception
Constitution 3
Cunning 3
Dexterity 5 / Stealth
Magic 2
Perception 4 / Searching
Strength 2
Willpower 3

Health 41
Speed 17
Defense 15
Armor 6 / Inscribed Leather, +1 Magic Resistance, 3 Rune Slots

Melee Weapons
Short Sword, Silverite (accurate), 2 Rune Slots / Dmg 1d6 + 5 + Str
Dagger, Silverite, 1 Rune Slot / Dmg 1d6 + 4 + 1/2 Str

Ranged Weapon
Crossbow, Sylvanwood (piercing), 1 Rune Slot / Dmg 2d6 + 3 + Percep / Short Rng. 30 / Long Rng. 60 / Reload Major

Class Powers
Rogue’s Armor
Stunt Bonus: Pierce Armor

Scouting (novice)
Dual-Weapon (novice)
Thievery (novice)



  • Pierce’s father, Masarian, is an “escort” at a high-class establishment in Denerim, serving only the highest class.
  • He falls in love, has an affair with a fine Lady, certain interested parties object and he is beaten almost to the point of death and returned to the Alienage.
  • A Sister delivers a human-looking baby to his doorstep several months later, he doesn’t doubt that she is his as she is his spitting image (aside from appearing human). Shortly thereafter he hears of his lover’s death. Year of the Dragon 9:8.
  • 5 years later Masarian rescues a hurt Dalish huntress who was separated from her clan. They get married and a year later have twin girls, Melwas and Gwynn. 9:14
  • One of the twins, Melwas, demonstrates magical ability. Not wanting her to be taken from them and imprisoned in the tower, her family keeps her hidden and debates what to do.
  • In 9:21, in the middle of the night Pierce sneaks out with her sister, Melwas spiriting her away to the Dalish tribe she’s heard rumors is nearby. Neither girl has returned to Denerim since, though they’ve sent letters.
  • After seeing her sister safely ensconced with the Dalish, Pierce sets out to find her own place in the world.,
  • Runs into trouble with some mercenaries almost right away, but one of their number liked to think of himself as chivalrous. The merc, Dante, promised her safe passage to the next city if she travelled with them, made sure that Pierce had a blade with which to defend herself, and when his companions broke the promise he helped her kill them.
  • After the fight which resulted in his companions death, Dante offered to train her if she stayed, as he saw promise in her and just happened to be in need of new company.
  • She agrees to be trained by Dante. They are eventually joined by two more mercs, Lincoln and Sawyer.
  • After almost a decade away, Pierce is currently travelling back to Denerim.


Masarian, a city elf living in the Denerim Alienage, wants a life outside of the alienage. Since he is a very beautiful elf, and charming in his sincerity, he easily found work in a high class establishment, providing entertainment to the nobles of Denerim. Unfortunately, he fell in love with a lady he serviced and certain people didn’t take kindly to their affair. Masarian was returned to the alienage beaten and on the point of death.

Several months later a baby girl was delivered to his doorstep by a flustered Sister. He never questioned the child’s paternity as she bore his auburn hair and distinctive eyes, so deep a blue to seem violet.

He heard tale of the mother’s death not long after. It was year of the dragon 9:8.

Knowing nothing of Chevaliers aside from the tall, yet heroic, ballads told in the local tavern, Masarian idealized them, naming his daughter Percival after his favorite hero. His hope was that she would achieve greatness in his place.

Not liking the romantic name she bore when her life was anything but, she chose to instead be called Pierce. The first person to call her by her chosen name had intended it as an insult, a rude commentary on her sharp tongue as well as her heritage as a “knife-ear”. She was instead pleased by the moniker, subsequently adopting it as her name.

When Pierce was 5 her father fell in love again. A Dalish hunter was found hurt by some locals, they brought her to the city and were harassing her in spite of her injuries. Masarian carried her away to the alienage and nursed her back to health. They were married within a few months, a year later his wife gave him twin daughters.

Pierce had always been an outsider, an elf who looked human living in the alienage, her father was the only one who accepted her for who she was. When he married, and had two daughters fully elf, she felt cut adrift from her only lifeline. Her father’s wife tolerated her only for her husband’s sake, Pierce could feel her judgement settle on her like a weight.

However, it soon became apparent that she wasn’t the only troublemaker in the family. One of the twins, Melwas, demonstrated a gift for magic, since no one in the family wanted to send her to the Tower they did all that they could to keep her gifts hidden. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to keep Melwas hidden forever, Masarian’s wife wanted to take her to the Dalish to be trained, but Masarian was loath to part with her.

When Pierce was 13 she resolved to leave home, knowing her presence caused nothing but problems for every member of the family, and she took it upon herself to take Melwas away with her. They snuck out in the middle of the night, chasing rumours of nearby Dalish.

After surviving in the wilds for what felt like weeks, two Dalish hunters found them. One was actually a cousin of Melwas’ mother and promised to care for her. Pierce was allowed to stay with them only long enough to see that this was so and receiving assurances from the clan elder. Melwas was seven years old.

After separating with the Dalish, Pierce encountered a small group of mercenaries who were travelling to Highever for a job. On the whole they were an unsavory lot, only one of their number showed Pierce any kindness. The man was Dante, a Rivaini, he offered to escort Pierce at least as far as Highever. He promised on his honor that she would come to no harm from himself or the other men on pain of death, gifting her with a long curved dagger to back up the promise.

A day out from Highever, the other mercs looked to relieve their boredom at Pierce’s expense, thinking that Dante was occupied elsewhere. Tired of forever being taken advantage of, Pierce was determined to never let it happen again, even if killed her. She managed to unsheathe her dagger and sank it to the hilt into a merc’s neck. She felt a sudden and instant relief to finally have some of the power in her hands, no longer on the receiving end.

By the time she was able to pull the blade from it’s new sheath, whipping around to face what she thought was another attacker, she realized that Dante had returned. True to his word, he had killed the other two mercenaries while she had been occupied with her one.

Dante openly admired her dexterous handling of the dagger and lack of hesitation using it. After stating his need for new companions he offered to train her in the way of the blade. She agreed, working side by side with him, and later two other mercenaries Dante recruited, for more than half a decade before parting ways with him. Pierce felt that, again, she needed to find her own path.

Since then she has tried to make it working alone, mostly for private individuals, but occasionally picking up a job for the Friends. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of jobs available that she can handle with her expertise alone. She is discovering why so many mercenaries find it necessary to not only work together, but to form semi-permanent groups with other mercs who they can somewhat trust.

Having had her fill of exploring other countries and seeing what they had to offer, Pierce is back in Ferelden and traveling to Denerim to look for some work. It’s been almost a decade since she left home.


  • Pierce was born in 9:8, the same year the Queen of Ferelden died, Pierce is approximately 22 years old. Her sisters are 16, and father 41.
  • Step-mother is named Cariad. She is much more practical than Masarian, she goes outside the city approximately once a week to hunt, bringing in extra food.
  • Sisters are named Melwas, after Masarian’s mother, and Gwynn, after Cariad’s mother.
  • The first person to call her by her chosen name had intended it as an insult, a rude commentary on her sharp tongue as well as her heritage as a “knife-ear”, she was instead pleased by the moniker, subsequently adopting it as her name.
  • Her immediate family members call her Percival still and it makes her cringe.
  • Pierce has never had a place where she feels that she truly belongs (though her time with Dante and his new recruits felt the closest) and, though she would never admit it, is constantly searching for one. Her father does love her a lot, and her little sisters want to love her (though she makes it very difficult for them), but her being there has made life harder for them. She can tell it puts a strain on them and she resents the guilt she feels when there is nothing at all that she can do to change the situation other than leave.
  • She doesn’t judge people based on race or place of origin, she knows how unfair that is, but by skill and power (she values them for their usefulness, mostly).
  • Stray animals were always adopting her father and following him home. He was too soft-hearted to turn them away. Pierce occasionally wonders if he took her in with the same sentiment, as though she was a stray cat
  • Her father picked up some very basic healing skills through trial and error while caring for his strays, and Cariad has taught him what she knows about local plants and herbs. He’s not much of a healer, but he’s just about the best to be had in the Alienage.
  • Pierce likes cats, birds of prey, and the occasional Mabari, but dislikes most other animals.
  • Got in a lot of fights as a kid, stubbornly refusing to back down when people attacked her, felt like backing down or running away would be tacitly acknowledging that they were right, that she was the lesser creature. (though she herself thinks that of other city elves who scrape and bow)
  • Values loyalty very highly. She won’t betray a person unless they betray her first.
  • A thrill-seeker, willing to put herself at risk in order to challenge herself. In fact, if her life is in danger that makes it just that much more fun.
  • Finds killing cathartic, a release of all her pent-up pain and frustration. Though whether she is inflicting pain or receiving it, it doesn’t make much difference to her, she feels a rush either way. Also, she enjoys the warm feeling of the blood.
  • Enjoys killing, but doesn’t feel compelled to kill and she will be reluctant to take any job that she views as boring, or targets that are too easy, etc. Always wants to take on increasingly difficult targets.
  • Competitive. Having always been treated as “lesser” she is very intent on proving that’s not the case.
  • After Dante killed his companions to keep his word to Pierce he abandoned the job in Highever, stating that he never liked that coward of an employer anyway. It was a member of his group that had agreed to the job.
  • Dante follows his own code of honor and sees himself as chivalrous, but he can be very quixotic in his loyalties and, like Pierce, values people for their skill first.
  • Pierce always got along better with Melwas than she did with Gwynn. Felt sympathetic toward Melwas since she was a misfit too. Jealous of Gwynn as the “true” elf daughter who, if not for her sisters, would have fit in completely at the Alienage. A child their father could openly be proud of.
  • Melwas was always the kindest, most gentle, of the three sisters. She, together with their father, was the glue holding the other women of the household together. Completely accepting of all of them.


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