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Magic has always run strongly in the veins of my family. It’s said that my ancestors were descendants of the old gods themselves and it is whispered that one day, one of our blood will rival Andraste herself in power. My mother even spoke of some prophetic destiny while birthing me…many thought it was simply a dying rant as she bled to death while giving birth; but when my affinity for magic outstretched even my Father his pride for me was unfathomable; however, pride, as it often does, turned to jealousy…and jealousy to fear.

Andraste, the slave from Tevinter who rose up against the Magisters—a plague my father called her…and a plague on our family is what I would become without control. So my upbringing was fierce and regimented, but despite the strict guidance my tutors imposed upon me my magic grew…and with it, so did my sense of self. Despite the heavy hand of my tutors the power I felt in my soul kept me upright—strong and willful. I rebelled at every opportunity and took quiet joy in the upheaval I had to my father’s political career; but despite my disruptions he became Tevinter’s Archon and with his new position came new rules. I was watched—and not just by my tutors, but now by servants, slaves and even those I called friend. All my deeds were monitored and reported. That was how my Father found out about Sindrin.

Sindrin was an Elven slave boy who had grown up in our household. He had been my friend for many years and eventually became my lover. But this was a disgrace and when Father found out he had him killed. I was sent on a trip with my tutors and when I returned I learned it had been a farce to remove me from the palace so Sindrin could be sent to the guillotine. I remained quiet at the news, feigned indifference, even mocked that there were plenty of other beautiful slaves who could warm my bed; but inside a storm brew. My Father had given me a difficult life, but this—THIS action, had frozen my soul against him like nothing else he had ever done…and so I plotted.

I allied with his enemies, with his slaves and with those I could purchase. I planned an elaborate scheme to release all his slaves and send them on a ship to Ferelden—the ultimate humiliation to a Tevene…to be bested by one’s own property.

A few days before the plans fruition a Crow came for me. Sent by an opposing Magister to kill me in order to shame my Father. The assassin was taken off guard by my humor with the situation and I used his hesitation for my cause. I explained that by killing me the other Magister was doing my Father a favor—I detailed out my plan again my Father to the Crow and convinced him his client would not only be more pleased with my outcome, but would likely hold the Crows in even higher esteem. The Crow assisted me with my plan and I let him warm my bed a few nights—he was after all rather beautiful…and it is much harder to kill someone you’re infatuated with. I even convinced him to replace my Father’s Ring of the Ferryman with a fake. It’s a pity I won’t be present to see his rage when he realizes.

My plan has been successful and a ship of freed slaves, along with myself, touched down on Ferelden soil only 3 days ago. This new barbaric land will be my home. It is savage, but there can be beauty in savagery. Maker help anyone who tries to deny me my freedoms again; and Maker help my Father if he comes for me—as I would sooner topple all of Thedas that reside under his rule once more.


Random Information on Her Life

  • Callisto was not allowed by her tutors to play as a child, but she would sneak away during her private “study time” to play with Sindrin. The other servants often seemed to feel bad for Callisto and would help hide her adventurous habits from her tutors.
  • Callisto’s mother was, from stories Callisto heard from servants, a rather nice person. Callisto was suspicious that her father killed her mother due to her mother’s nature.
  • Callisto often took credit for things that would have gotten servants into trouble. Once, her History and Lore tutor, Aesop Langham, berated a slave for making his bed incorrectly, and threatened the servant with a caning—Callisto promptly told him she rather enjoyed jumping on his bed…is was after all the bounciest one in the house. That earned her the caning herself—although the tutor was far gentler with her than he would have been with the servant, and healing magic stopped any scars from remaining on her body.
  • Aesop Langham, Callisto’s History and Lore teacher reprimanded her brutally when she failed in her studies. He often used blood magic to “remind her” of her failures and kept a healing mage on hand to ensure her survival.

Personality & Notes

  • Callisto hates most Qunari for their treatment of their mages. Saarebas is a terrible fate and damn anyone who tries it.
  • She, like most Tevenes, like Dwarves and see them as allies due to their significant Lyrium trade with Tevinter. She finds Dwarves easy to get along with and appreciates most of their insight into business, mercantile and humor.
  • She likes all things that are beautiful, has an appreciation for art and thinks that Elves are a particularly beautiful race. She would not be opposed to taking a female lover if they were Elven. For other races she prefers men.
  • She thinks that slavery is terrible; however, she is a very double edged sword on this topic. Calisto believes that only people make their prisons and that most of those who are jailed, whether by slavery or a Circle, are there because they are too weak to be anywhere else. That said, if she is asked to assist someone and feels they are worthy she would do her best to help them out of their situation.
  • Although she does not think of Tevinter as her home any longer, she does miss the fine life that a Mage could have there. She fantasizes that one day she might return under different circumstances if her Father were to perish.
  • Callisto thinks that Templars are nothing more than religious zealots and jailors. She sees their presence as a threat when she isn’t looking down on them for their stupidity.
  • Callisto views other Mages with wary caution—she never knows when one could be a Tevene in disguise.
  • Callisto is not opposed to blood magic, but believes that only the strongest should ever dabble in it, as you must tangle with Demons and be victorious. She believes that those who fail in their attempts with blood magic and become possessed are conduits to the Fade and should be destroyed.

Persons of Interest in Her Life

  • Emerius de Vedrix – Callisto’s father
  • Edrain de Vedrix – Callisto’s mother
  • Sindrin – Elven slave who was her friend and lover, he was executed by her Father for their relationship
  • Cassius Voltaire – member of the Crows who helped her in her plan to humiliate her Father and escape to Ferelden, was her lover briefly
  • Alexo Tactus – Callisto’s Magic tutor, who despite the Archon’s strict rules still did his best to help Calisto advance her magical knowledge. Callisto was somewhat indifferent towards him during her tutelage.
  • Aesop Langham- Callisto’s History and Lore tutor who tormented her with his nagging and brutal discipline methods.

Callisto de Vedrix

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