Into the Darkness

Ramblings of a Rogue 5

  • Escorted Tyrion’s mother out of Orzammar, made sure no one messed with her until she was through the encirclement of desperate humans. As much good as that will do.
  • Attended an informal gathering with King Harrowmont and got permission to enter the Deep Roads as well as an impressive discount on Lyrium, should make Callisto happy.
  • Saw that creep Stalin when we got to Harrowmont’s, other than the deal for Lyrium, not sure what else he was doing. Suspicious prick.
  • LOOOoooots of drinking happened. Both at Harrowmont’s and later.
  • Talked Tyrion into making suit of armor for King for sake of good PR, was getting lots of bad vibes from other nobles.
  • Was finally going to scratch an itch with Rhyke, but he drank too much and passed out so enlisted Tyrion’s help to prank him. That’s what he gets for disappointing.
  • Callisto played with her new blood magic skills. We all participated for the sake of having new abilities unlocked via our taint.
  • Ailen was seen conversing with Ushioni.
  • Now off to the Deep Roads to look for an old dwarf Warden, Arghamor.



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