Into the Darkness

Ramblings of a Rogue 4


So we finally arrived at the Tower. It was decided that the “other” Wardens would guard our flank while Callisto, Ailen, and myself ventured into the Tower and the remainder of our party facilitated an evacuation of the surviving townsfolk. This suited me just fine as I’ve been aching for some real excitement. I wanted to see how we’d fare against this “new” type of dark spawn that, according to Staton, was inside.

I still don’t know. Much to my dissapointment, this thinking, speaking, magic-wielding, dark spawn saw fit to depart before we could test our mettle against him. Leaving us to fight several of his brethren. I will admit some challenge in the ogre, but not as much as I had hoped.

But I get ahead of myself.

Let’s begin with our advancement on the tower.

Firstly, we did not have to commandeer a boat, as I had supposed we might have to, someone (I’m now assuming the coherent dark spawn) had parted the waters creating a clear path across the lake bed. Though I understand why Callisto finds the thought of submitting to Chantry control so hateful (I would myself were I in her place) ….mages are terrifying. No matter how much I hone my skills I could never dream of accomplishing such feats.

The lake bed was rocky and strewn with bits of Templar armor, almost unrecognizable, with no actual Templar bits anywhere to be found. Though Callisto seemed pleased by the reduction in the Templar Order, it put me on guard. I do enjoy testing my mettle against a great many things, but I doubt I could stand against a thing that caused that mass disintegration.

The only opposition we encountered gaining admittance in to the Tower were a number of undead, easily dispatched, and a stout wooden door. Callisto and I were debating how best to break in when Ailen walked up to the dammed thing and simply knocked. We were stunned when that actually worked.

Inside we were greeted with relief by Knight Commander Rhyk Masons and his few surviving men, all of whom were tainted, most unfortunate. Though it seemed Callisto knew of a possible solution, putting them through the Joining to become Wardens would apparently do the trick…. If they survived that is. To do that we would need dark spawn blood, which we would likely find further in to the Tower. So, against his better judgement I think, Rhyk granted us admittance.

It did not take long before we had some excitement, in the form of a pretty mage fleeing some demons. To her credit, she stood and fought them with us, I’m sure she felt more secure once she saw that the odds had evened. Callisto did not take kindly to her, partially because this mage Brinowen now knew some of our closely guarded secrets, but I believe she mostly holds her in contempt for being such a pliable “kept” mage. Not holding any of the same prejudices I can really see how useful she might be, as both a Spirit healer and an Infinity mage.

We made it to the top of the Tower without much resistance, though we were able to collect the blood we needed, and a few ears, presents for Sawyer and Lincoln. I really do spoil those boys.

Then, like I mentioned earlier, my desire to put this new brand of dark spawn through his paces was thwarted by his abrupt departure, after a brief exchange with Callisto in her native tongue, which she ended by trying to fireball him. He left a few friends for us to play with and, though they provided more entertainment then those on the lower floors, they were quickly dispatched.

The Senior Enchanter and the other surviving mages were locked in a cage. We freed them, and Brinowen did what she could for their wounds, but all but the Senior Enchanter were also infected with the taint.



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