Into the Darkness

Ramblings of a Rogue 3

We have departed from Jader, accompanying the Tevinter Grey Wardens on their errand to destroy the dark spawn at the Circle Tower. I very much look forward to getting my hands dirty. So far this trip my only amusement has been seeing how many of my comrades I can cause to squeal in alarm when I sneak up on them. That task has not been as challenging as it once was thanks to Lincoln’s tutoring in the ways of the “shadow”.

I’ll have to find some other way to entertain myself. As it stands right now, the only ones who have noticed me when I choose not to be seen have been Statton and Katarina and I am bored. Statton has barely acknowledged my existence, so I see how highly regarded I am in his esteem, but Katarina and I exchanged words after I eavesdropped on a conversation between herself and Sawyer. She has made the prediction that we will part ways after the Tower, and as much as it irks me to make her prediction come true, it seems like the only smart course that we can take. She and Statton are just too dangerous for Callisto and myself as we are now.

Callisto seems to have found her own entertainment in leading the men around by their noses, Ailen in particular. In light of recent… developments in that area, he is now completely a lost cause. I don’t know what makes him think it’s a good idea to snarl at me. All I did was agree with the woman. She also seems content with whatever knowledge she was able to glean from Statton during their little study session.

Sawyer had made the decision to take off on their own, just himself and Lincoln, after the Tower. No matter what I had to say, or how much he agreed with my argument that it was dangerous for them. Apparently I have changed, I care too much about power and not enough about much else. I am surprised that he’s just now realized that, but it was enough of a realization that he didn’t want to stick around. To prove our friendship, he asked for truths that I could not give him, not without betraying my other “friends”.

I’m not sure why it bothered me so much, aside from the fact that I haven’t gotten the whole story from Lincoln regarding his recent encounter with my father, there is nothing I want from them that I can’t get elsewhere. Seeing that I was perturbed by his decision, Callisto volunteered to convince Sawyer to remain with us, she also agreed to divulge our whole unbelievable tale to the boys. I was skeptical that she could say anything to sway him, considering his distrust of blood mages. I’m now wishing I had listened in on that particular conversation as I’m dying to know what she could possibly have told him that changed his mind so drastically.

He and Lincoln are now privy to our big secret. Sawyer believes us to be delusional; Lincoln… that greedy bastard is now set on the treasure hunt of his dreams. There will be no living with him now.



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