Into the Darkness

Ramblings of a Rogue 2

Still in Jader. I have been enjoying myself immensely, probably more than Callisto since she’s still wearing an expression on her face like she’s surrounded by the reek of rotting flesh. She’s from Tevine so you think she’d be used to that. It does seem as though she’s had some luck amusing herself with the unfortunate Ailen, but she doesn’t enjoy the same life affirming danger- …challenges that I do.

Happily, a shared enjoyment of the finer things in life isn’t required for the continued success of our partnership which has been quite lucrative. Enough so that we were able to turn our equipment into something more worthy of us.

While master Tyrion did the work on our equipment, we had a chat with Lyle, the Captain of the City Guard. He and his men have been over taxed dealing with the repercussions of this Blight and were almost desperate to have us help them deal with the bandits that have been looting their city. We were allowed access to the “villains” they had captured, I’m surprised they weren’t able to get them to talk before… I didn’t even get to torture any of them before one of them spilled his guts. Figuratively…so sad.

After getting our new and improved gear from ser dwarf, we paid the bandits a visit at their humble abode. They apparently don’t take kindly to uninvited guests, I cleverly figured this out when they attacked us. Goody for us. At least their leader was a bit of a challenge, though I’m glad Callisto is on my side at the moment, being on the receiving end of blood magic was…interesting. I usually can embrace the pain, but this was different. I couldn’t control it at all.

Since that wasn’t enough excitement for us we did some deep sea delving for the supposedly crazy scientist, Rhett. He can’t have been so very crazy after all since we found what he was looking for. We had to fight some skeletons to get it, but that just made the endeavor worth the time. Nearly drowned, glad I didn’t meet my end that way. That would have been embarrassing. Callisto found a musty old book, amongst the many many musty old books, that she found interesting, we let the old man keep the rest of the discovery in exchange for any sovereigns it brought him. Such mercenary “Grey Wardens” we are.

We barely had time to rest on our laurels before some actual Grey Wardens arrived.

Not our Grey Wardens, mind you, but the ones they said we were to meet. Our Grey Wardens are still MIA. These Wardens came for a training exercise in the Deep Roads and were unaware of the blight until their arrival it seems. The obvious leaders of this bunch, ten all told, are head and shoulders above anyone I have ever met in skill. I watched Katarina slaughter several hands full of dark spawn all by her lonesome, it was a thing of beauty to watch. Statton the leader of the group, a Tevine who has already earned Callisto’s ire, dispatched an even grander number. If they had not arrived when they did who knows if this city would have lasted the night.

I hunger for the kind of power they possess. Someday I will attain it. Until then, I will follow them and wrest from them as much knowledge and skill as I am able.

In the morning we will be off. According to Statton and Katarina our Wardens seem to be in need of rescuing, so we are off to the Tower. I find it incredible that they can detect dark spawn at that great a distance… but so it is. Lincoln and Sawyer will be joining us, against their better judgement. I do believe Lincoln’s lust for coin has won out over Sawyer’s good sense yet again. Though Sawyer frequently demonstrates a misplaced sense of chivalry, or nobility, or what you will… so I suppose his good sense can’t be so very depended upon after all.



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