Into the Darkness

Ramblings of a Rogue 1

Finally wrapped things up in Redcliffe and I’m disappointed in how easy it all was. Hopefully helping the Grey Wardens with this Blight will prove more challenging.

I have to admit a begrudging respect for Callisto. She has certainly forged a way for herself, much as I have, there is no denying that. Though it is unfortunate that she doesn’t enjoy the same kinds of challenges that I do… plowing through our foes with her spells.

After a long tedious journey we have arrived at Jader. The Wardens, Galaren and Rolant, are not in town yet, but they did send our friend dwarf ahead of them. It is good to see that Tyrion survived, we owe him one since it seems he saved us after we angered the old god, though it is apparent that he dud not pass his own trials.

Ran in to some other old faces in Jader while on our way to the post master. I shouldn’t be surprised to see them, Lincoln and Sawyer, where there is chaos there is profit to be had and Lincoln is as business minded as ever. Sawyer is still fated to be forever getting Lincoln out of trouble. I’m less surprised to hear that our old master, the cagey bastard, has disappeared. These two seem unnecessarily concerned, it’s not the first time he’s gone “missing” I’m sure it will not be the last. He’s probably just found some thing to do that is more stimulating then babysitting these two.

I just pray he’s not holding a silly grudge against me for leaving when he does catch up with his boys. It will be exciting to face him some day, and I very much look forward to it, but that day is not yet.

In the meantime, we’ve all decided to work together again, at least temporarily. Looks like Callisto’s idea of entertainment is to create as much tension as possible amongst the lads. She’s got Ailen thinking he’s half in love with her, master dwarf has already embarrassed himself propositioning her, and I do believe Lincoln is positively looking forward to the challenge (and possible pain) involved in attempting to bed her. I can’t believe that he’s not aware that she’s just toying with them all, but possibly it just gets him more riled up. More fool them.

Glad to see at least one of the men seems to have more sense.

At least we’ve found some jobs to keep us busy in Jader while we wait for the Grey Wardens. There’s a group of bandits causing trouble, Lincoln and Sawyer are looking in to that for now. While Callisto, Ailen, and I are going to speak with a supposed “mad scientist” at the docks.



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