Into the Darkness

Musings of a Mage #9

  • Tyrian was shot with an arrow, several castless Dwarves attacked, we defeated them with ease, leaving one alive to question
  • after interrogation she informed us she was hired by a man from a bar in dusktown, the man had the resemblance of one of Tyrian’s house servants, I killed her after we got information from her
  • went to Tyrian’s and spoke to the servant the castless remembered, he told us Tyrian’s mothered hired him
  • told Tyrian of the news and let him deal with his mother how he liked
  • he mentioned something to his mother about the missing servant so she would suspect that he knew about the attempt on his life, he then arranged for a late night guard to stand outside the house
  • they caught her when she was trying to flee and took her away
  • we snuck into Tyrian’s sister’s room to make sure she wasn’t in on the plots on his life, she caught us, but we didn’t really care
  • there was a trial for the mother, her guilt was proven and Tyrian got to request judgement, instead of challenge her to the proving like he origionally mentioned he instead banished her to the surface
  • I sent Brinowynn after Tyrian to comfort him since I knew I was awful at that stuff
  • got stuff around for the blood taint ritual
  • decided to do deep roads expedition
  • talk to king: permission for deep roads, help make small town camp for refugees outside orzamar…will help with trade, offer help to humans now so they’ll help later, lyrium discount for wardens?, only dwarves can live here?



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