Into the Darkness

Musings of a Mage #8

  • meet up with Tyrian on our way to orzamar, he asks us to lie about him being a grey warden “for at least a decade” so he can get his house name back
  • performed ritual, blood customized it to they would for sure survive cause I’m awesome
  • talked about their dreams after they woke up, healer dreamed of the thaumaturg, dwarf of dark spawn fights, templar of fights, ailen didn’t pass out but hallicuinated fights, it’s worse for him since he’s more in tune with the fade
  • ailen was a bit of a jerk most of the time..maybe because the joining sucked?
  • started researching spell to help ailen w/ the hallucinations b/c of joining
  • broke camp headed to orzamar
  • humans trying to get in when we got there, fight ensued
  • went to shaper and lied about dwarf, went to his place met his mom and sis
  • put in word we wanted to see the king
  • asked door guards about missing grey wardens, they knew nothing, they saw old dwarf GW go to deep roads though
  • shopped
  • traveled around the city
  • nug farmer in need, located tainted spider nest, killed them, have two infected nugs, they had a rash, no other nests based on outbreak, healed farmer who was tained with blood magic….yay our dogs will be ok, also asked for a healthy nug to eat as ailen seemed to want one, he gave us that and 3 gp, pierce didn’t want the gold? trying to show off for templar? I took the money, cause duh
  • watched the proving, I betted and turned the 3gp into 12gp
  • dust town: investigated murder, dead dwarf in ally stabbed and bitten, asked around, female dwarf in hood w/ dark circles under eyes, went after her, found ghoul trying to poison water with her blood, hadn’t done so yet, stopped her, turned her in, kept the 8 things of blood to “dispose” of…really want to experiment, couldn’t cure the ghoul the taint was too spread, the blood magic just hurt her… :) new attack on darkspawn? she kept saying “he says”
  • going to ale house with dward and pierce, as opening the door dwarf was shot



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