Into the Darkness

Ramblings of a Rogue 5
  • Escorted Tyrion’s mother out of Orzammar, made sure no one messed with her until she was through the encirclement of desperate humans. As much good as that will do.
  • Attended an informal gathering with King Harrowmont and got permission to enter the Deep Roads as well as an impressive discount on Lyrium, should make Callisto happy.
  • Saw that creep Stalin when we got to Harrowmont’s, other than the deal for Lyrium, not sure what else he was doing. Suspicious prick.
  • LOOOoooots of drinking happened. Both at Harrowmont’s and later.
  • Talked Tyrion into making suit of armor for King for sake of good PR, was getting lots of bad vibes from other nobles.
  • Was finally going to scratch an itch with Rhyke, but he drank too much and passed out so enlisted Tyrion’s help to prank him. That’s what he gets for disappointing.
  • Callisto played with her new blood magic skills. We all participated for the sake of having new abilities unlocked via our taint.
  • Ailen was seen conversing with Ushioni.
  • Now off to the Deep Roads to look for an old dwarf Warden, Arghamor.
Musings of a Mage #9
  • Tyrian was shot with an arrow, several castless Dwarves attacked, we defeated them with ease, leaving one alive to question
  • after interrogation she informed us she was hired by a man from a bar in dusktown, the man had the resemblance of one of Tyrian’s house servants, I killed her after we got information from her
  • went to Tyrian’s and spoke to the servant the castless remembered, he told us Tyrian’s mothered hired him
  • told Tyrian of the news and let him deal with his mother how he liked
  • he mentioned something to his mother about the missing servant so she would suspect that he knew about the attempt on his life, he then arranged for a late night guard to stand outside the house
  • they caught her when she was trying to flee and took her away
  • we snuck into Tyrian’s sister’s room to make sure she wasn’t in on the plots on his life, she caught us, but we didn’t really care
  • there was a trial for the mother, her guilt was proven and Tyrian got to request judgement, instead of challenge her to the proving like he origionally mentioned he instead banished her to the surface
  • I sent Brinowynn after Tyrian to comfort him since I knew I was awful at that stuff
  • got stuff around for the blood taint ritual
  • decided to do deep roads expedition
  • talk to king: permission for deep roads, help make small town camp for refugees outside orzamar…will help with trade, offer help to humans now so they’ll help later, lyrium discount for wardens?, only dwarves can live here?
Musings of a Mage #8
  • meet up with Tyrian on our way to orzamar, he asks us to lie about him being a grey warden “for at least a decade” so he can get his house name back
  • performed ritual, blood customized it to they would for sure survive cause I’m awesome
  • talked about their dreams after they woke up, healer dreamed of the thaumaturg, dwarf of dark spawn fights, templar of fights, ailen didn’t pass out but hallicuinated fights, it’s worse for him since he’s more in tune with the fade
  • ailen was a bit of a jerk most of the time..maybe because the joining sucked?
  • started researching spell to help ailen w/ the hallucinations b/c of joining
  • broke camp headed to orzamar
  • humans trying to get in when we got there, fight ensued
  • went to shaper and lied about dwarf, went to his place met his mom and sis
  • put in word we wanted to see the king
  • asked door guards about missing grey wardens, they knew nothing, they saw old dwarf GW go to deep roads though
  • shopped
  • traveled around the city
  • nug farmer in need, located tainted spider nest, killed them, have two infected nugs, they had a rash, no other nests based on outbreak, healed farmer who was tained with blood magic….yay our dogs will be ok, also asked for a healthy nug to eat as ailen seemed to want one, he gave us that and 3 gp, pierce didn’t want the gold? trying to show off for templar? I took the money, cause duh
  • watched the proving, I betted and turned the 3gp into 12gp
  • dust town: investigated murder, dead dwarf in ally stabbed and bitten, asked around, female dwarf in hood w/ dark circles under eyes, went after her, found ghoul trying to poison water with her blood, hadn’t done so yet, stopped her, turned her in, kept the 8 things of blood to “dispose” of…really want to experiment, couldn’t cure the ghoul the taint was too spread, the blood magic just hurt her… :) new attack on darkspawn? she kept saying “he says”
  • going to ale house with dward and pierce, as opening the door dwarf was shot
Ramblings of a Rogue 4

So we finally arrived at the Tower. It was decided that the “other” Wardens would guard our flank while Callisto, Ailen, and myself ventured into the Tower and the remainder of our party facilitated an evacuation of the surviving townsfolk. This suited me just fine as I’ve been aching for some real excitement. I wanted to see how we’d fare against this “new” type of dark spawn that, according to Staton, was inside.

I still don’t know. Much to my dissapointment, this thinking, speaking, magic-wielding, dark spawn saw fit to depart before we could test our mettle against him. Leaving us to fight several of his brethren. I will admit some challenge in the ogre, but not as much as I had hoped.

But I get ahead of myself.

Let’s begin with our advancement on the tower.

Firstly, we did not have to commandeer a boat, as I had supposed we might have to, someone (I’m now assuming the coherent dark spawn) had parted the waters creating a clear path across the lake bed. Though I understand why Callisto finds the thought of submitting to Chantry control so hateful (I would myself were I in her place) ….mages are terrifying. No matter how much I hone my skills I could never dream of accomplishing such feats.

The lake bed was rocky and strewn with bits of Templar armor, almost unrecognizable, with no actual Templar bits anywhere to be found. Though Callisto seemed pleased by the reduction in the Templar Order, it put me on guard. I do enjoy testing my mettle against a great many things, but I doubt I could stand against a thing that caused that mass disintegration.

The only opposition we encountered gaining admittance in to the Tower were a number of undead, easily dispatched, and a stout wooden door. Callisto and I were debating how best to break in when Ailen walked up to the dammed thing and simply knocked. We were stunned when that actually worked.

Inside we were greeted with relief by Knight Commander Rhyk Masons and his few surviving men, all of whom were tainted, most unfortunate. Though it seemed Callisto knew of a possible solution, putting them through the Joining to become Wardens would apparently do the trick…. If they survived that is. To do that we would need dark spawn blood, which we would likely find further in to the Tower. So, against his better judgement I think, Rhyk granted us admittance.

It did not take long before we had some excitement, in the form of a pretty mage fleeing some demons. To her credit, she stood and fought them with us, I’m sure she felt more secure once she saw that the odds had evened. Callisto did not take kindly to her, partially because this mage Brinowen now knew some of our closely guarded secrets, but I believe she mostly holds her in contempt for being such a pliable “kept” mage. Not holding any of the same prejudices I can really see how useful she might be, as both a Spirit healer and an Infinity mage.

We made it to the top of the Tower without much resistance, though we were able to collect the blood we needed, and a few ears, presents for Sawyer and Lincoln. I really do spoil those boys.

Then, like I mentioned earlier, my desire to put this new brand of dark spawn through his paces was thwarted by his abrupt departure, after a brief exchange with Callisto in her native tongue, which she ended by trying to fireball him. He left a few friends for us to play with and, though they provided more entertainment then those on the lower floors, they were quickly dispatched.

The Senior Enchanter and the other surviving mages were locked in a cage. We freed them, and Brinowen did what she could for their wounds, but all but the Senior Enchanter were also infected with the taint.

Musings of a Mage #7

Finally arriving at our destination we approached the Circle Tower—I must say I rather thought it would be … larger. Staton and the RedHead sensed there were darkspawn approaching and indicated they would stay behind to cover our move to the Tower; and our little band of caravan travelers agreed to assist the local townsfolk with making their way to Orzamar for safety. I suggested Ailen travel with Pierce and I to the Tower for obvious reasons and I directed Cavall to help guard the caravan. Until I can learn the secrets of curing him of the taint I intent to keep Cavall out of active combat if I’m able—he is after all, a very valuable ally, it would be a waste to see him infected.

Approaching the Tower it was obvious strong magiks had been used as the water was parted like a well-groomed hedge. We made our way down the path, stepping upon littered armor of fallen Templars. Honestly, a few less of them in the world…perhaps these darkspawn did us a favor. As we reached closer to the Tower Templar bodies began to rise up and the three of us made quick work of the undead that dared block our path. Once they were defeated Ailen, apparently well-schooled in the arts of civility for a Wilder, knocked on the Tower door to gain entrance. Much to my surprise a man answered and let us in.

We met with Knight Commander Rhyk Masons, who hailed from Denerim originally, he had received a pigeon from the Tower stating their distress as they were under attack. Commander Masons brought 50 of his troops along with him, however, all but three were killed in the onslaught of the Tower. Upon inspection it was apparent to us that the remaining troops of his, if you could call them that, were infected with the Taint. Pierce explained that to him and we mentioned we might be able to perform the joining ritual to save them. All ready this poor man seems rather taken with Pierce…what is it with her and town authorities…perhaps they sense she’s about to rob them blind and they like the danger? Regardless, their dialogue humored me and I must say with her former mercenary travel companions being so abrasive it’s likely she could use a bed mate. This Knight Commander, such as he is, could well serve that purpose.

After agreeing to clear the Tower, Masons and his men ushered us inside, past the doors they had barred to protect themselves—I didn’t bother hiding my disgust at their obvious lack of bravery. Honestly, for as savage as this country is one would think that its people would be a bit…stouter of heart. Perhaps they simply make up for it with their simple minds. Regardless, shortly after venturing past the Templar’s barricade a mage woman ran towards us as several rage demons were pursuing her. Ailen transformed to attack them—I suppose this little mage woman seeing his alternate form is better than one of us dying, but honestly, for as profusely as he claimed to want to keep the secret it seems he turns at the slightest provocation. I unleashed blood magic in front of the girl to take her eyes off Ailen. The implied threat of a powerful blood mage was hopefully enough to turn her head and have her consider…all the ways she could regret discussing secrets that aren’t her. As the fight dwindled one rage demon fled and the mage girl, who called herself Brinowen, announced she was a spirit healer. I suppose she thought this to be a shattering revelation as she implied she had secrets of her own…a spirit healer…honestly—those were a copper a dozen in Tevinter. But if her disillusions of thinking she’s special protects us, so be it.

Pressing on further into the Tower we learned that the 1st Enchanter, Avron Roreksted, was likely held up at the top level. We fought numerous Hurlocks to make our way to the top only to encounter a rather interesting darkspawn. This one talked. He spoke in old Tevene and at first seemed intelligent, and could use magic, but conversing with him proved pointless as he was incapable of true coherent conversation. The new darkspawn breed, perhaps I call him a Thaumaturge, mentioned something of wanting to bargain…the first recognizable sentence the thing said, but unfortunately for him Tevenes don’t bargain and I explained to him that “Tevenes aren’t known for their negotiations, all I do is take…that staff for instance…” it was after all a very nice staff. I cast fireball at him and he absorbed it with the staff before he vanished. Hopefully I’ll see the Thaumaturge again—I’d like another chance at acquiring my new staff after all.

Once the Thaumaturge vanished we were left to defeat the remaining darkspawn that he’d left behind. We dispatched them with ease and then tended to the captives that were held. The 1st Enchanter was unconscious in a ruined rune circle of his own blood. It appeared he was strong enough to ward off the Thaumaturge’s magic as the 1st Enchanter was untained. However, the rest of the mages and Templars that were being held captive were not as lucky. All of them carried the taint. Conscripting that many people would obviously prove problematic—not to mention these “mages” allowing themselves to be captive would hardly be worth the effort. I was considering leaving them in the Tower for an unfortunate fire when Staton showed up. He directed us to leave stating that he would attend to the people here. I had no hesitation with that…either he’ll correct their issue or burn them—both options mean I don’t have to risk retribution for any action I would have taken.

We went back downstairs to find that Staton had already healed the other 3 infected Templars. Pierce informed the Knight Commander of this and he looked equal amounts of pleased and horrified. After their little dialogue it became rather obvious he had Pierce’s attention. I supposed he is decently attractive and certainly scratching an itch is needed now and again. I decided to nudge her in the direction of believing she wanted to conscript the Knight Commander. It would also be nice to learn the Templar’s secrets. After all, when facing an enemy one can never have too much intel. In addition to bringing the Knight Commander along I requested of Brinowyn that she joinl—although I didn’t conscript her, merely “requested” heavily that she oblige me. I do not want to risk the information she has getting places it should not go…the 1st Enchanter for one; so I will have to endure her presence on our caravan to ensure her compliance.

With our business concluded, and our wayward original Grey Warden friends in the wind, we decided to meet back up with the rest of our caravan in Orzamar. As we were setting out the next day I suggested we accommodate ourselves with the now abandoned town—we did after all perform for them a service. Pierce and Ailen went off hunting while the Knight Commander and I…reviewed the town for resources. I tracked down another wagon, and a few horses, we will be able to take to Orzamar. While on our little shopping endeavor I also bent the Knight Commander’s ear about Pierce…he already seems quite intrigued by her—I simply fanned the fire; something I’ve always been rather good at. We stayed at the abandoned inn that night and were able to have the luxury of a proper hot bath after our meal before sleeping and setting out at dawn for Orzamar.

Ramblings of a Rogue 3

We have departed from Jader, accompanying the Tevinter Grey Wardens on their errand to destroy the dark spawn at the Circle Tower. I very much look forward to getting my hands dirty. So far this trip my only amusement has been seeing how many of my comrades I can cause to squeal in alarm when I sneak up on them. That task has not been as challenging as it once was thanks to Lincoln’s tutoring in the ways of the “shadow”.

I’ll have to find some other way to entertain myself. As it stands right now, the only ones who have noticed me when I choose not to be seen have been Statton and Katarina and I am bored. Statton has barely acknowledged my existence, so I see how highly regarded I am in his esteem, but Katarina and I exchanged words after I eavesdropped on a conversation between herself and Sawyer. She has made the prediction that we will part ways after the Tower, and as much as it irks me to make her prediction come true, it seems like the only smart course that we can take. She and Statton are just too dangerous for Callisto and myself as we are now.

Callisto seems to have found her own entertainment in leading the men around by their noses, Ailen in particular. In light of recent… developments in that area, he is now completely a lost cause. I don’t know what makes him think it’s a good idea to snarl at me. All I did was agree with the woman. She also seems content with whatever knowledge she was able to glean from Statton during their little study session.

Sawyer had made the decision to take off on their own, just himself and Lincoln, after the Tower. No matter what I had to say, or how much he agreed with my argument that it was dangerous for them. Apparently I have changed, I care too much about power and not enough about much else. I am surprised that he’s just now realized that, but it was enough of a realization that he didn’t want to stick around. To prove our friendship, he asked for truths that I could not give him, not without betraying my other “friends”.

I’m not sure why it bothered me so much, aside from the fact that I haven’t gotten the whole story from Lincoln regarding his recent encounter with my father, there is nothing I want from them that I can’t get elsewhere. Seeing that I was perturbed by his decision, Callisto volunteered to convince Sawyer to remain with us, she also agreed to divulge our whole unbelievable tale to the boys. I was skeptical that she could say anything to sway him, considering his distrust of blood mages. I’m now wishing I had listened in on that particular conversation as I’m dying to know what she could possibly have told him that changed his mind so drastically.

He and Lincoln are now privy to our big secret. Sawyer believes us to be delusional; Lincoln… that greedy bastard is now set on the treasure hunt of his dreams. There will be no living with him now.

Musings of a Mage #6

Thankfully we’ve finished with the little dock town of Jader and are heading out to the Circle of Mages with our Caravan to help our “fellow Gray Wardens”. It’s going to prove a long and tedious trip with the lovely company we’ll have along the way—thankfully the two books I salvaged from the underwater cavern at Jader will come in handy while I distract myself.

After a solid day of reading the book on blood magic I was desperate to try out a few techniques. Dinner was the perfect excuse. I convinced Ailen to go hunting with me and I practiced my blood spells on a bear before he dispatched it for our plates. I’m even going to get a fine blanket out of it—I call that a rather productive day on the trail if I do say so myself. And although it was productive I find I despise travelling dusty roads all day via caravan. It’s more boring than I anticipated and after sitting, bouncing in the wagon, tucked next to Ailen I was ready to burn the whole forest down with boredom and frustration. The filth of the day and wound up tension from being so close to Ailen for so long meant I needed a bath. And it appears I wasn’t the only rather affected by the day’s travel as Ailen seemed eager to join me in the river. I must say, there is certainly something to be said for a werewolf’s stamina…the elf and the human lover that I’ve known weren’t nearly as…vigorous or thorough. Mmmm, I can only imagine what his other form would be like. Perhaps I’ll have more to entertain me on our travels than I anticipated. Ironic really that I find this country rudimentary and savage and yet the Wilder is what has my interest.

Thankfully despite our evening’s entertainment I remembered to discuss with Ailen, while alone in the caravan with each other, about a certain blend of tea to ensure less complications for us down the road considering our indulgences. Turns out an appropriate remedy was already being served to me—that presumptuous cocky buffoon. He’s quite lucky he was rather skilled in our little endeavor or I would have burned him alive for the assumption alone; so I spent the night reminding myself, atop him, why I liked keeping him around.

The next day on our little journey I delved further into my blood magic book—it’s starting to become clear to me that what Staton can do won’t be in this book. He’s perhaps progressed past any known blood mage in history. It pains me to think I will have to speak with him to get the information I so desperately need. On top of this annoyance the brute and the elf chattered like clucking hens and in an attempt to drown out the noise I decided a few little interesting stories with Ailen were in order. I told him of Pierce and I’s true “joining” and about the Old God and our spirits. I also decided, since he seems rather enraptured with me, it was safe to tell him about my father being the Archon and that the Crows were likely still after me. I was pleased to see I gauged him correctly as the news didn’t alarm him as it should have. Since our little dialogue was proving useful I asked a few questions of my own. I eased him into the information I was seeking easily and went from “oh bear is your favorite food” to figuring out my suspicions on Wilder life were incorrect. How interesting. Ailen has not had children yet and has only bedded werewolves, apparently I’m his first human. The crude man that he is seemed slightly shocked that I’d only been with two men. Just because I have a clever tongue for banter with men doesn’t make me a whore—I suppose in this backwater country women are either prudes or sluts…a shame really. Another thing Tevinter got right—women aren’t afraid of their own bodies or their own sensuality. In fact, women aren’t afraid of power in general, whether it stems from their curves or their magic. We camped near another stream in the evening and I was able to assert my own power of Ailen in ways we both enjoyed.

On our third, and Maker thank you, final day on the trail I finally forced myself to speak with Staton about his blood magic. To my surprise it was like he had been waiting for me to do so and was relieved that I had. He readily gave over his notes on the subject. His research on how to fix the taint in animals, the joining ritual, how to manipulate the taint to live longer…it was all there. It’s all the information I wanted, but instead of thankful I’m suspicious—why did he give it to me; and more importantly, why was he so very relieved to give it to me. That Tevinter bastard has something up his sleeve, they’re always plotting. I wasn’t the only person with something on their mind. Pierce talked to me about Sawyer and the Elf leaving. Apparently she’d overheard them discussing taking off and once I got her to admit she wanted them to stay I agreed to resolve the matter for her. This will after all mean she owes me. Pierce also discussed the redheaded bitch with me. The redhead explained to Pierce she knew we’d be leaving as the redhead herself would “put an end to us” if we didn’t. Honestly, I’m not surprised by her revelation. That doesn’t make her a fate seeing, on the contrary, it’s clear we all despise one another and only a matter of time before we come to blows.

I spoke with the brute and easily persuaded him to stay. His mind works like rusty cogs and it wasn’t hard to see what he needed to latch onto. Hope. Hope that he could matter if he stayed with us and fought the blight, hope that he could protect Pierce and hope that blood mages weren’t the monsters he’d always thought they were. Silly fool, of course we’re monsters…no we’re worse; but the only blood mages he’s ever known are from Ferelden—Tevene blood mages are something else entirely. It’s said after all, Tevene mages are what pulled the Gods from their thrones and turned the blight on mankind. The Tevenes became the first true darkspawn. Ironic that an Old God has made Pierce and I what we are…just like my ancestors. Regardless, I told Sawyer highlights of my past—my father the Archon, my dead elven lover and a narrow escape with the Crows…painting myself as the victim and he couldn’t resist. Of course he’ll stay, a man like that only has one purpose in life—to serve.

Pierce felt the need to discuss with the Brute and the elf about our “joining” and after a ridiculous conversation about them wanting to look the Old God’s city of Sanctuary I ignored them the rest of the day. Apparently they weren’t the only ones looking for conversation as Ailen asked a few questions of his own. I suppose that is only fair since I interrogated him yesterday. Well I’m nothing if not productive so I figured I’d drum up his possessive and protective little pack nature and gave him a few damsel in distress stories to chew on. I told him about my tutors using blood magic on me as punishment and about being forced to drink lyrium potions to test my resilience. I even told him about how my elven lover was killed, the vengeance I planned to get on my father and about my narrow escape from the Crows. It had the desired effect of course, he was almost professing his devotion, but what I didn’t expect…it was actually rather easy to speak with him, perhaps even comforting. Hmmmm, that’s something I’ll need to quell and did so that night by humoring myself with him in the wagon.

Ramblings of a Rogue 2

Still in Jader. I have been enjoying myself immensely, probably more than Callisto since she’s still wearing an expression on her face like she’s surrounded by the reek of rotting flesh. She’s from Tevine so you think she’d be used to that. It does seem as though she’s had some luck amusing herself with the unfortunate Ailen, but she doesn’t enjoy the same life affirming danger- …challenges that I do.

Happily, a shared enjoyment of the finer things in life isn’t required for the continued success of our partnership which has been quite lucrative. Enough so that we were able to turn our equipment into something more worthy of us.

While master Tyrion did the work on our equipment, we had a chat with Lyle, the Captain of the City Guard. He and his men have been over taxed dealing with the repercussions of this Blight and were almost desperate to have us help them deal with the bandits that have been looting their city. We were allowed access to the “villains” they had captured, I’m surprised they weren’t able to get them to talk before… I didn’t even get to torture any of them before one of them spilled his guts. Figuratively…so sad.

After getting our new and improved gear from ser dwarf, we paid the bandits a visit at their humble abode. They apparently don’t take kindly to uninvited guests, I cleverly figured this out when they attacked us. Goody for us. At least their leader was a bit of a challenge, though I’m glad Callisto is on my side at the moment, being on the receiving end of blood magic was…interesting. I usually can embrace the pain, but this was different. I couldn’t control it at all.

Since that wasn’t enough excitement for us we did some deep sea delving for the supposedly crazy scientist, Rhett. He can’t have been so very crazy after all since we found what he was looking for. We had to fight some skeletons to get it, but that just made the endeavor worth the time. Nearly drowned, glad I didn’t meet my end that way. That would have been embarrassing. Callisto found a musty old book, amongst the many many musty old books, that she found interesting, we let the old man keep the rest of the discovery in exchange for any sovereigns it brought him. Such mercenary “Grey Wardens” we are.

We barely had time to rest on our laurels before some actual Grey Wardens arrived.

Not our Grey Wardens, mind you, but the ones they said we were to meet. Our Grey Wardens are still MIA. These Wardens came for a training exercise in the Deep Roads and were unaware of the blight until their arrival it seems. The obvious leaders of this bunch, ten all told, are head and shoulders above anyone I have ever met in skill. I watched Katarina slaughter several hands full of dark spawn all by her lonesome, it was a thing of beauty to watch. Statton the leader of the group, a Tevine who has already earned Callisto’s ire, dispatched an even grander number. If they had not arrived when they did who knows if this city would have lasted the night.

I hunger for the kind of power they possess. Someday I will attain it. Until then, I will follow them and wrest from them as much knowledge and skill as I am able.

In the morning we will be off. According to Statton and Katarina our Wardens seem to be in need of rescuing, so we are off to the Tower. I find it incredible that they can detect dark spawn at that great a distance… but so it is. Lincoln and Sawyer will be joining us, against their better judgement. I do believe Lincoln’s lust for coin has won out over Sawyer’s good sense yet again. Though Sawyer frequently demonstrates a misplaced sense of chivalry, or nobility, or what you will… so I suppose his good sense can’t be so very depended upon after all.

Musings of a Mage #5

Pierce and I discussed the matter of needing better equipment with Master Tyrian. He did agree he would help us, but stated he would need facilities to do the work—thankfully the little dock town has a blacksmith shop and it was with relative ease we convinced the smithy to let Master Tyrian use his forge. In the meantime, we purchased what goods we could; and much to my surprise there was even a rune crafter in town who was able to create a hybrid rune to allow underwater breathing. That certainly changed my mind of the underwater expedition the mad scientist was so keen on.

Feeling better equipped we decided on attending to the bandit issue first, that way Master Tyrian would have longer in the forge while we were in town. We spoke to the town’s guard captain who, rather surprisingly, actually managed to capture a few of the bandits. And Pierce, has impeccable luck with guard captains as she was able to finagle our way in, unsupervised, to interrogate them. Unfortunately the “interrogation” was nothing more than a few menacing words before the bandit gave us the information we needed…and I had rather looked forward to his…stamina.

We easily traced the bandits back to their meager little hideout; their leader being a blood mage one would think it would have been slightly more difficult. But I suppose mages here are not like Tevenes…in fact, I wouldn’t even call these creatures blood mages—they are nothing more than sniveling children with a magnifying glass and ants. And I do so hate sniveling. It was with little effort that we dispatched the bandits and their leader; Pierce and the brute were subjected to a few of the more polite blood magic spells and it seems to have had quite a little impression. Perhaps the brute will be a little more polite…we shall see. We took the slight amount of coin the bandits had, returned the goods stolen from the blacksmith and left the rest to be confiscated by the town guard.

After, since we still had plenty of energy, and I a backup plan to drowning, we spoke with the crazy scientist and decided we would explore the cave and ruins. We reached the cavern to find a few skeletons; where Ailen felt the need to wolfe out—it seemed he was still rather hostile towards us in this form, but I removed the thorn from his paw and we were able to explore the treasures of the cave. Dozens of ancient books littered the floor, I pulled away two of particular interest, one on Grey Wardens the other on blood magic, and we agreed the rest the scientist could have—minus the gold we stumbled upon of course. On our way out of the cavern a strong downdraft caught Pierce and flung her deeper into the cave. Ailen was able to muscle her back onto a clear swimming path, but she was obviously a little blue and I was generous enough to provide her with air. I must say, her build under my hands reminded me of Sindrin—her elven heritage is perhaps a little more dominate than I thought.

Once back on solid ground we provided the scientist with the leftovers and agreed to return the next day for our pay. Soaking wet I retrieved my unsoiled shoes from the dock guard and we made our way to the Inn. Ailen seemed to work up some sort of nerve and asked me to dinner in a quaint little country way. I suppose that was his attempt at courting; regardless, I agreed and must admit dinner was actually enjoyable—not the food certainly, but the company. He is pleasing to look at and able to maintain civil banter…I hadn’t expected that. It seems this little country is full of surprises as during the early hours of morning I felt darkspawn descend upon the town. We rose to, not darkspawn, but a band of Wardens coming in from the dock.

A man, obviously the leader, flanked by a woman and 8 little helpers trooped in. The man announced himself as Statton and his female companion as Katarina—Grey Wardens from Tevinter. Statton eyed me and in Tevene told me he knew who I was. The nerve. Regardless of his status as self-proclaimed leader of the Wardens for this man to think he could intimidate me. He might have more power due to training, but my blood is more pure than he could even dream his great grandchildren could be—he is certainly not my superior in anything other than Warden rank. He then quickly singled Ailen out as well as ousted him in front of his 9 recruits that Ailen was a Were. Perhaps he is Tevene, but he is certainly unworthy of his opinion of himself. Ailen seemed to take less offence than I did and agreed to speak with Statton in private; words transpired and Statton cast a spell I was unfamiliar with. After, Statton drew a knife, cut Ailen’s arm and ingested the blood off the knife. Fool man either tricked Ailen or cured him. I’m not sure which I prefer as the cure would require my gratitude. Statton and Katarina announced they were setting up camp and began to depart. I was able to speak with Ailen out of ear shot and he explained that Statton, also fascinated by Weres, had “aged” his blood; given Ailen more control of his condition, including being able to control whether or not he infected someone. I relented and provided Statton my gratitude for his aid. Statton accepted in Tevene style and admitted he enjoyed seeing the havoc that I’d created for my Father before I’d left Tevinter. Turns out that Statton is not a supporter of the Archon; perhaps we have more in common than I thought, but that doesn’t change the fact that I must be cautious. A Tevene bloodmage is a dangerous ally at best…and Statton, with his Warden capabilities, is certainly more than dangerous.

We retired to our Inn for the night while the Wardens left to make camp outside of the city. We were privy to a little skirmish between Statton, Katarina and a few darkspawn. Honestly, I believe they led the darkspawn here so they could provide a show—perhaps demonstrate how powerful they believe themselves to be. They announced that our other Warden friends were stuck at the Tower and would need our help. As Pierce, her men and Ailen all agreed to join the Wardens I had little choice myself and, it seems, will have to endure the presence of children with magnifying glasses at the tower. I suppose it can’t be helped if I wish to surround myself with capable people—there are bound to be…unpleasantries…along the way. Perhaps I can solidify something more stable with Ailen and at least reserve myself more than one loyal dog. On our way out of town I ensured we retrieved our compensation from the scientist—lest this whole dock town endeavor would have been a waste.

Ramblings of a Rogue 1

Finally wrapped things up in Redcliffe and I’m disappointed in how easy it all was. Hopefully helping the Grey Wardens with this Blight will prove more challenging.

I have to admit a begrudging respect for Callisto. She has certainly forged a way for herself, much as I have, there is no denying that. Though it is unfortunate that she doesn’t enjoy the same kinds of challenges that I do… plowing through our foes with her spells.

After a long tedious journey we have arrived at Jader. The Wardens, Galaren and Rolant, are not in town yet, but they did send our friend dwarf ahead of them. It is good to see that Tyrion survived, we owe him one since it seems he saved us after we angered the old god, though it is apparent that he dud not pass his own trials.

Ran in to some other old faces in Jader while on our way to the post master. I shouldn’t be surprised to see them, Lincoln and Sawyer, where there is chaos there is profit to be had and Lincoln is as business minded as ever. Sawyer is still fated to be forever getting Lincoln out of trouble. I’m less surprised to hear that our old master, the cagey bastard, has disappeared. These two seem unnecessarily concerned, it’s not the first time he’s gone “missing” I’m sure it will not be the last. He’s probably just found some thing to do that is more stimulating then babysitting these two.

I just pray he’s not holding a silly grudge against me for leaving when he does catch up with his boys. It will be exciting to face him some day, and I very much look forward to it, but that day is not yet.

In the meantime, we’ve all decided to work together again, at least temporarily. Looks like Callisto’s idea of entertainment is to create as much tension as possible amongst the lads. She’s got Ailen thinking he’s half in love with her, master dwarf has already embarrassed himself propositioning her, and I do believe Lincoln is positively looking forward to the challenge (and possible pain) involved in attempting to bed her. I can’t believe that he’s not aware that she’s just toying with them all, but possibly it just gets him more riled up. More fool them.

Glad to see at least one of the men seems to have more sense.

At least we’ve found some jobs to keep us busy in Jader while we wait for the Grey Wardens. There’s a group of bandits causing trouble, Lincoln and Sawyer are looking in to that for now. While Callisto, Ailen, and I are going to speak with a supposed “mad scientist” at the docks.


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